The Story

In 1982 Ah-So Gardens opened its doors in London, Ontario. The family business flourished to 3 restaurant locations (Vancouver, London and Toronto) by the late 1980’s serving their delicious Teriyaki Hot Plates and Tempura within a Tatami Room setting. Ah-So Sushi, prepared by world class Chefs from Asia, shortly became so popular that they continued to support the trend by implementing Sushi Bars across Ontario to share this healthy and tasty fare to its Guests through the late 90’s and early 2000’s.

Ah-So Fine Foods now serves their fare to Retailers and Wholesalers with a premium quality brand of Sushi and Asian Fare. Sticking to its artisan roots, the company continues to innovate and be a full Sushi category solution to all of their Guests while delivering a food safe, fresh, delicious and positive experience. With over millions of Guests served, Ah-So Fine Foods is a leading handcrafted boutique Sushi Company driven to satisfy all levels of Customers.

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